Quotes are not sourced from all markets and may be delayed by up to 20 minutes. PD is changing didactics to "academic/college day." (You have up to 3 times to take the exam, without having to extend your residency.) Seems like a good number of residents are on second residencies after leaving another field. residents. just confirms the rumors that have been circulating. so it may be tough to break out of the region for fellowship. 18 residents and only had a tiny office with 4-5 desks + like 2-3 dictation cubicles next door. OB call was bad as an upper (24h q3) but that's getting changed. SOMEONE WITH ACCESS: DELETE) THIS ONE, Cons: High cost of living, no moonlighting, pay doesn't make up for cost of living as compared to like NYU, PD is cool but the program is clicky. The biggest cons is that the program is in Pittsburgh.... Pittsburgh is cold and icy. <

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